12 oz Almond milk mocha - Headache??

  • I ordered an 12 oz almond milk mocha (1/2 pump of chocolate sauce 1oz of coconut syrup and 1oz of almond syrup).
    First of all - after doing ignite this drink is incredibly sweet! Oh my gosh!
    Plus I took one drink and started getting and immediate headache. I know it isn't the almond milk because I've been having that already. Will that amount of sugar bring on a headache after completing ignite???
    Also how many points would I count for the sugar in this?


    skeen903   by: skeen903
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    skeen903  about 1 year ago by: skeen903

    I posted 2 points of sugar for it. 2oz of syrup is 1 serving... and then the chocolate I counted as 1 more point. Hopefully this sounds right!

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