Adding Core to my current program

  • I am currently doing Cardio Sculpt (looovvee it). Yesterday I saw the new core program and saw that it is two weeks long. Is there anyway to add the core program to the cardio sculpt program that I am doing?

    Tisha   by: Tisha
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    ryan08n  9 months ago by: ryan08n

    Unfortunately you can only add one program at a time. I know how you feel, once I got past day 40 in Cardio Sculpt, I was sticking with it until I was finished!

    However, you can use the 'Discover' feature and search through the individual Core workouts and do one on a day you don't feel like doing what Cardio Sculpt has planned for you, or even do both workouts if you're feeling really energetic!

    • Tisha
      Tisha 9 months ago

      Bummer since core is a short program I was hoping to just add it along with the cardio sculpt. And have both calendars to follow.

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