After True Beginner.. What next?

  • I am 12 days into True Beginner and fully enjoying making exercise a daily routine instead of something to cram into my weekends. While slightly overweight, I am active and probably a bit fitter than the average person starting as True Beginner, but the trainer is very encouraging and I can push myself a little further each time. I've been adding other DB15 videos on top of my workouts. They are SO much harder than True Beginner.. a HUGE leap! What programs have others started after completing True Beginner? I enjoy the dance bits but am very uncoordinated and sometimes find myself just flailing around the room. Not looking to beef up, but just be fitter for my horseback riding.

    MaryAshley   by: MaryAshley
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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    try cardio sculpt! A good combination of cardio and strength workouts that i think you will enjoy!

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