Alternative Shake Brands?

  • Apparently daily burn is out of theirs right now, and I'd like to pick some up this week. Has anybody else been using an alternative brand during the sellout that they know doesn't have any of the six forbidden things?

    It would be nice to go to Whole Foods/GNC/Where ever and find a brand instead of having to read the ingredient labels on a couple dozen options. Ideas for alternate types of protein powders could also be useful if there isn't a brand. Is chia powder a gluten thing or is that one safe?

    Thanks for any help or ideas.

    gamerdarling   by: gamerdarling
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    mcia123  11 months ago by: mcia123

    I use "Plant Fusion" soy, no dairy, no dairy, no wheat...Vegan Protein

    • gamerdarling
      gamerdarling 10 months ago

      Awesome! Thank you. :)

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    MelanieMak  11 months ago by: MelanieMak

    I use Sun Warrior's Warrior Blend in vanilla. Absolutely delicious. Available at The Vitamin Shoppe.

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