Alternatives to artificial sweeteners?

  • What are some approved alternatives for artificial sweeteners on the Ignite program? I used to go through a 5-lb. bag of white sugar every month or so, now I've moved on to Splenda. I'm looking for a healthier alternative that still satisfies my massive sweet tooth. Thanks for the help! Jenny

    JennarennaG   by: JennarennaG
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    KatMist86  about 1 month ago by: KatMist86

    Switch to Stevia (truvia). It works great. It is the only sweetener that I don't have an allergic reaction to that is not sugar.

    • drhoffman
      drhoffman about 1 month ago

      Truvia (& other brands of stevia products) contain an additive that can upset your stomach...makes me really ill. But pure stevia extract is available without the additive at whole foods, their store brand. Just check the only ingredient is stevia leaf extract.

    • JennarennaG
      JennarennaG about 1 month ago

      Thank you both for your help!! I'm wondering about using honey as well. Do either of you know if it's approved for the 3-week ignite program?

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    fallen0888  about 1 month ago by: fallen0888

    Try to avoid splenda and sweet and low because they affect your kidneys and bladder. its a large cause of over active bladder when people consume a lot of these products and dont drink enough water

    • JennarennaG
      JennarennaG about 1 month ago

      I had no idea! I've been using Splenda instead of sugar, but it sounds like I need to switch asap. Thanks for your help!

    • terryann
      terryann about 1 month ago

      Stevia is the best alternative

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