Am I beating a dead horse?

  • When I signed up for the new DailyBurn I thought it was DailyBurn PRO under a new name and design. I found out I will still have to pay for PRO outside of paying for fitness videos. I can buy a fitness DVD and watch the same video over and over and only pay once- not per month.

    The new DailyBurn would be over-the-top if the fitness video division was part of one all-inclusive DailyBurn PRO. Even if you had to raise the price to $15/mo., it's more value-added and I don't have to log in twice to two separate websites with two different credentials. Also, automatically updating the time and calorie tracker on my profile after a workout video would be jaw-dropping.

    Feedback from someone who really likes DailyBurn.

    shannonbubel   by: shannonbubel
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    AnneWertheim  about 2 years ago by: AnneWertheim

    Yes! I wholeheartedly agree. Really turns me off - one company, two websites, two places to go to and two prices - bad!
    I may be willing to pay $15 for everything included, but not $20. The two Daily Burn and Daily Burn Tracker aren't even connected. On the tracker I can't log in my Daily Burn excercise. That is so lame.
    As it is, I am using Daily Burn to work out and log everything else on a separate, free app.

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    theshanman97  about 2 years ago by: theshanman97

    i love this! i dunno what your on about! this is perfect! yes you could buy DVDs ect. but would they work as well and give you support for YOUR goals? NO ! this is perfect for someone serious about losing weight , toning up or just in general being healthy!

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    phormalitize  almost 2 years ago by: phormalitize

    I really love that you have a wide variety of videos, and hopefully they will keep adding more - this really helps keep me from getting bored (versus the DVD, which I get bored of very quickly). It would be cool to have more flexible options on tracking various things, but I also prefer the style they've gone for, which is to change the way you live rather than counting every little thing you put in your body. I have never been able to keep up with a tracker for more than a few days in a row, whereas this makes me feel like I'm eating healthy and not falling behind with updating what I've been eating. So far, it's the only online fitness site I'm really willing to pay for!

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    misssandy  about 2 years ago by: misssandy

    Totally agree and you'd be amazed how many people share this viewpoint!

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    MKMBeaulieu  about 2 years ago by: MKMBeaulieu

    I agree with the original poster. I would be willing to pay more for ONE website that included both the trackers as well as the workout/motivational content of the "new" Daily Burn. Everything in one neat tidy place, please!

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    I totally agree! Two websites with two price tags is a little ridiculous. If it were tied in it would be so much better!

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    mirimi  about 2 years ago by: mirimi

    I was thinking the same

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