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  • I updated to the latest DailyBurn Android App today. A few things:

    1) Screen lock is not disabled during the opening disclaimer, so my 30 second time-out does just that and it has to start over again with me ensuring I keep the screen alive until the video starts.

    2) Incoming phone call causes error and video to start from the beginning again. Pausing would be nice :)

    3) Completing a video (5/10 in Nine) I get "An error occurred while submitting your feedback" and the workout doesn't register it's score on my total. I used to at least get the video come up on my PC afterwards so I could "complete" and register, but it doesn't do that any more.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100T
    Ice Cream Sandwich Version: 4.0.3
    Baseband Version: I9100TDVLP3
    Kernel Version: 3.0.15-I9100TDVLP4-CL345054 dpi@DELL129 #3
    Build Number: IML74K.DVLP4
    DailyBurn Version: 1.0.6

    YankDownUnder   by: YankDownUnder
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    Anthony  about 2 years ago by: Anthony

    @YankDownUnder Thanks for that feedback. We'll definitely check these out and implement any fixes that are needed.

    @50by25 The Discover feature isn't ready for the Android or iOS just yet. The update that was just recently issued for Android was an unscheduled update we immediately put out to address login problems some users were having.

    • 50by25
      50by25 about 2 years ago

      Any ideas when that will be out? Ever since Discover was introduced on the website, I now don't get any variety of videos on the mobile app, probably since it's not choosing intelligently but just giving me the same five all the time.

    • YankDownUnder
      YankDownUnder about 2 years ago

      Thanks Anthony :)

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    50by25  about 2 years ago by: 50by25

    I was really disappointed that the upgraded app doesn't include the Discover feature, as I thought this was going to be in the next update. When will that go live? My Android always shows the same five videos regardless of the day, so I have been stuck doing the same ones all the time, which is very ineffective.

    • YankDownUnder
      YankDownUnder about 2 years ago

      The way around that is to change the video via PC, then log off and back on to DB on your Android.

      Kinda painful, but it will get you around it in the meantime.

    • 50by25
      50by25 about 2 years ago

      Thanks - that's actually quite helpful!

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