Any advice on how to follow the ignite program when on a business trip? (especially the shake!)

  • Im going on a business trip at the end of the month and will be in the detox part of ignite. Im worried about eating away from home, and especially how to have the shake in the morning when I'm at a hotel! Help please!

    nithya22   by: nithya22
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    cyclesue  over 1 year ago by: cyclesue

    That's tough. My thoughts (take them or leave them!): put separate portions of dry protein powder into sealed baggies. maybe you can find a chocolate or vanilla you like so you don't have to have a blender. Pack a seal-able container (coffee mug or plastic non-leak drink mug). Scout out ahead of time where you can get almond milk, or just use water.
    Shake the heck out of the shake in the AM in your mug for mixing.
    If you have a local co-op grocery tore you may be able to grab pre-packaged non-gluten food. I know this isn't the way ignite wants us to eat, but if you need a snack and have no other options it may end up saving you from going off plan. There's always eating steak and veggies, or thai food without cream. good luck!

    • nithya22
      nithya22 over 1 year ago

      great ideas!! thanks for the help - i particularly like the baggies idea :)

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    artbeware  over 1 year ago by: artbeware

    Supposedly you can make the shakes by just physically shaking the stuff in a sports bottle. I would get a wand blender, if you have a freezer in your hotel and access to a grocery store, you can keep frozen berries in the room. It would certainly be safer than trying to avoid all the carbs at the typical hotel buffet! I have one of these I use for making soups - they're great. Good luck getting it through airport security, though (maybe a good reason to check the suitcase.)

    • artbeware
      artbeware over 1 year ago

      Can also just keep fresh berries in the fridge and use ice from the ice machine.

    • nithya22
      nithya22 over 1 year ago

      Thanks! Will try berries in the fridge :)

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