Any advice on how to make protein shakes taste good?

  • I added fruit and almond milk, but that chalky consistency and taste was still too strong for me.

    jessbon   by: jessbon
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    Kaybeezie  over 1 year ago by: Kaybeezie

    I add a little almond butter to mine some days. I think it helps make it creamier and taste a lot better. Also use frozen fruit instead of ice.

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    lilacdusk  over 1 year ago by: lilacdusk

    To the chocolate fuel, I mix 1/2 cup fresh home made coconut milk and 1/2 cup water with frozen banana.

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    eadull  about 1 year ago by: eadull

    I mix my 2 scoops of chocolate fuel with 8 oz. unsweeted vanilla almond milk, 1 cup ice, and 1 tbs of almond butter and think my shake is DELISH!

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    bellsusanc  9 months ago by: bellsusanc

    I bought the chocolate and it's chalky (as I remembered shakes are) but... stuck with it now and have to make the best of it. So, I tried a recipe I found online that used vanilla yogurt (used plain with vanilla extract), hazelnut coffee (didn't have but would like to try), chocolate protein, milk (I used plain almond), peanut butter, and ice cubes. Pretty good taste. Also check youtube for how to put into protein bars - that hides the chalky taste for sure, but need oatmeal or something to adhere to - honey and peanut butter, dry fruit, etc - really nice I have to say except for gluten factor.

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    elharrison92  9 months ago by: elharrison92

    Ice can be added for volume, I use a pinch of xanthan gum for thickness, frozen bananas for a creamier consistency, sometimes I use So delicous coconut milk instead of almond milk for a creamier shake as well.

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    womanofgod4893  about 1 month ago by: womanofgod4893

    I like to put cinnamon, peanut butter, chocolate powder, mint, honey, or oats in mine. Depends on what I am craving at the moment. I buy the plant fusion protein powder. It is delicious! I get the vanilla and put chocolate powder in it if I feel like I need that chocolate fix.

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