Any advice on how you did ignite will be helpful. I have not been able to do it.

  • I keep reigniting because I keep falling off the plan. So many different reasons but can someone tell me how they did it. I want to do the entire 21 days but I just have not been able to. Any advice will be helpful.

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    Mrsdixieglass  about 1 year ago by: Mrsdixieglass

    I make sure that I shop every single week. If you don't have the right food on hand you can't do it. I vowed no fast food for the 21 days. I will eat at a restaurant maybe once a week but very seldom b/c you never know how they cooked the food. I pack all my food every morning and go ahead and lay out dinner and I make sure I only eat what I have packed for the day. Don't head out the door thinking you will grab lunch somewhere cuz it wont happen.. and you may have to stay away from get togethers or parties with bad food just for these 21 days... what ever is stopping you from finishing, cut it off. I tell myself its only 21 days and then I can have a little freedom after that, but remember even after the 21 days you should still eat this way for 90% of the time and use your exchanges for treats every now and then. If you don't mind sharing what are your reasons for falling off the wagon?

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      Thank you for your help! Many reasons or excuses really. Mainly lack of planning. This a great start for me, very encouraging.

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