Any ideas on appetite suppression?

  • I have begun counting calories since I started working out 5 weeks ago. No matter how hard I try to reduce my caloric intake (trying to get down to 1500-1800 a day) my "hunger reflex" (just feeling famished) kicks in.

    I have been eating a decent variety of vegetables throughout the day, whole grain cereal w/ milk for breakfast, usually a turkey or roast beef sandwich for lunch, and a burger, chicken, or soup for dinner with some vegetables.

    swimjim   by: swimjim
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    jesstwok  3 months ago by: jesstwok

    When I was in college rowing, I had to increase my food intake to 5000 Calories a day. After I graduated, I stopped exercising as much, so I needed to decrease my calorie intake back to 2000 (ah, the good old days). I was hungry for about 3 months. As soon as your stomach shrinks down to size, it will get much easier! I find that drinking water before meals, eating slowly, and getting 8 hours sleep help (I am hungry at night if I stay up late). Also, the more you walk places, the more you can eat : )

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    mfbadwolf  3 months ago by: mfbadwolf

    Water, and lots of it. I eat several small meals a day, and drink nearly 200 oz of water a day. (General rule of thumb is 1/2 of your weight in pounds, plus 16 - adding an additional 16-24 oz for heavy work outs.) I drink more than that for a lot of reasons, but prior to committing to eating better, I was consuming 4k calories - easily. I have very little hunger now, even though most of my meals are about 100 calories, with one regular low carb meal for dinner. Search the internet, you will see that most of the sites mention that often, what we perceive as hunger, is actually thirst. :)

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    AltGirlTX  3 months ago by: AltGirlTX

    I've been leading a "healthy lifestyle" (I hate saying dieting) for about 10 months now, including a big change in my eating habits and reducing calories. Over the course of this almost year, I found one thing that helped reduced my hunger pangs a lot - adding more protein. I don't eat meat, but I drink a protein shake for breakfast, have another after I work out, and I make sure to include some sort of protein in my meals (like meat substitute, nuts, or fish). Good, healthy snack and meal bars that include a decent amount of protein are a great snacking or meal replacement option, too.

    I found that once I fueled my body with healthy proteins, my hunger decreased significantly because I'd be full on fewer "empty" calories. And just as a little encouragement, I've lost 74 lbs with the changes, so it's worth it. :)

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 2 months ago

      AltGirlTX I love how you're always ready to help out, you've got a great perspective! What a journey you've been on, it's very inspiring! I couldn't have said it better myself ps: Veggies for Volume and Protein for Staying Power! How's it going these days swimjim??

    • swimjim
      swimjim 2 months ago

      Slowly seeing results, I know from experience fast results equal temporary results. Really enjoying the workouts, getting my fridge and pantry sorted.

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