Any new moms ou there?

  • I am a new mama to a gorgeous six month old boy! Wondering if there are any other mamas out there I can connect with?

    Cynfully_Cute   by: Cynfully_Cute
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    ameliehooper  over 1 year ago by: ameliehooper

    I am not a new mom... but I remember the stage! I have two beautiful little girls (8 and 6 almost 9 and 7). Congratulations on your baby boy and your journey for you! I used to take my girls out to the garage in the early morning hours to get on the treadmill and lift weights while my hubby still slept! Now my girls enjoy doing videos with me or riding their bikes while I run with them. You can do this!

    • ameliehooper
      ameliehooper over 1 year ago

      lol... the bike will come, I remember feeling limited by what my daughter's were able to do, but I made the most of it. 10 minutes of running around the park was better than nothing! In some ways it gets easier when they get older, but then their schedules get in the way too. Both my kids are soccer players, are in school, and just plain old don't feel like it sometimes! But we make the most of it! I've even run the stairs in my house while they are playing just to get my workout in! but I am glad to have daily burn because now I have more videos to follow. Another tip... jumprope. 1 minute on 1 off for 20 minutes. You can do it anywhere, your kiddo will love trying her own version and you can get great cardio and calf work out. Plus the rope is only $12!

    • armybrat11
      armybrat11 over 1 year ago

      At times I do feel limited but know that there will be a time that she can do more things with me. I usually try to run with her outside, taking the dog for a walk, and even just playing tag which is her all time favorite game. She has tried jumping rope like me and is hilarious to watch but also great for her as well so she knows that working out is good in the long run for our lives.

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    armybrat11  over 1 year ago by: armybrat11

    I am a mom of a 3 year old daughter

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    katnot  over 1 year ago by: katnot

    I have a 4 month old! Also a two year old. I am trying to get the baby weight from both off!

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    jessbon  over 1 year ago by: jessbon

    I also have 2 girls, 5 and 8. Having children keeps me very busy and it's difficult to make time for exercise (I'm also a teacher). But I find that I actually have more energy when I exercise and feel way better in general. It's worth every minute! I especially love that now I don't have to waste time traveling to the gym. My girls love to watch me work out and try the moves with me. They're my cheerleaders :)

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    betha  over 1 year ago by: betha

    I am not a new mom but has a 5 and 4 year old. Have had a hard time getting the weight off after having my son, but this program is working.

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    babygirl16878  over 1 year ago by: babygirl16878

    Hi there! I have a 3 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. They surely keep me busy. I had 40 lbs to lose after I had my son and it took me almost two years to do it because I wasn't motivated then. It seemed like I no sooner lost it and I was pregnant with my daughter. Currently I have about 17lbs to lose. I am determined to stay motivated this time. I kind of have to because I have decided to join the National Guard and I'm kind of freaking out about it because I am only 3lbs under the max weight limit for my height. Anyway, with 2 children, trying to get fit for basic training, starting CNA classes in a couple weeks, taking online college courses, and working full-time right now life is surely eventful! We are all here for a reason and I am hoping that the support will also help keep me on track! I try to make work out appointments for myself so I don't have excuses and I remember to forgive myself when I miss a day. I used to think "oh well I missed today. Guess it is over." Definitely not! I wish you luck in your journey and with your new bundle of joy!

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    CJ2014  29 days ago by: CJ2014

    I am a new mom of a 5 month old little girl!! I just started here on DB and am trying out the inferno program. :S Any other mommys doing this one??

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