any one use and or really like a particular activity moniter?

  • I was looking at buying an activity monitoring system to track and get an idea of how many calories i really burn in a day, how well i sleep, ect. They all have pros and cons. Does anyone use one they like or have one they didn't like? I would love to hear opinions about activity monitors like the fitbit, BodyMedia fit CORE, Strive and others.

    tragicallyjuliet   by: tragicallyjuliet
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    lancesells  almost 2 years ago by: lancesells

    I use the Nike Fuel Band to keep track of activity. It doesn't truly measure calories or sleep but it's the simplest monitor to let you know whether you got enough exercise in that day.

    The one drawback is it doesn't measure biking(which I bike to work).

    • tragicallyjuliet
      tragicallyjuliet almost 2 years ago

      so how do you measure calories or your biking?

    • lancesells
      lancesells almost 2 years ago

      The Fuel Band has a calorie counter but I believe it's inaccurate like all the others. Everyone burns calories differently and all calories aren't the same so I don't bother with that.

      I use the Fuel Band and if I'm not hitting my goal I just work out more until it's met for that day. It keeps things simple(which is better for me).

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    urangelbaby2008  almost 2 years ago by: urangelbaby2008

    I looked into the fitbit but could not see spending $80+ for it. Looks like an amazing way to keep you motivated thou.

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    savanna62117659  over 1 year ago by: savanna62117659

    Timex Ironman watch with chest strap heart monitor, I love mine!

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    adt36  almost 2 years ago by: adt36

    Great question. I'm especially interested in anyone's thoughts on FitBit...

    • Depepsi
      Depepsi 4 months ago

      I have a Fitbit One, that I wear on a belt clip. I am a massage therapist, (mostly upper body work on my part) so I have to manually enter the massage activity on their website. When I did Stability and Mobility-2 the DB site said I burned 217 calories, and the Fitbit said 40, so I just ordered a DB heart rate monitor. You can wear a Fitbit wristband on your wrist or ankle. Most of the Fitbit styles track sleep. The $59 one does not. It can be clipped to your belt or your bra. By monitoring my food intake and activity using the Fitbit site I managed to lose nearly 40 pounds. However, it does not seem to record trunk movements or core work very well. So, I'll be wearing the DB heart rate monitor for my workouts here, as well as keeping the fitbit clipped to my belt for all day use.

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