Any other 5'2" and under dieters out there?

  • Dieting is tough on the short ones. An extra 5 lbs can look like 20 and it takes longer to lose weight.

    Anyone shorties out there want to support one another?

    DaringFemme   by: DaringFemme
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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    I'm 5'2" as well with long legs and a very short waist so definitely even 3 extra pounds on my waist looks like im at least 15lbs over. I'm also pretty horrid at keeping to diets, but ive never been a but junk food or sweets person so i guess i do ok in that department.

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    Jen632  over 1 year ago by: Jen632

    I'm 5 lbs 2 inch as well and I just started ignite this past Saturday. I am loving so far. I have lost 8 lbs.

    • mythicalgriffons
      mythicalgriffons over 1 year ago

      Congrats!!! i'm only up to 5-6lbs atm but that alot for us shorties and better to lose then to gain any day of the week....

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    MeeK  over 1 year ago by: MeeK

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    BioGirl15  over 1 year ago by: BioGirl15

    I'm 5'1 and I actually lost a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time (30 lbs in about a month and a half, not on purpose) a couple of years ago and people thought it looked like I was wasting away. I'm actually down to a weight that I consider healthy AND attractive for my stature so now my goal is to get in shape and just trim up but I'm totally down for supporting others!

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    fentola1980  over 1 year ago by: fentola1980

    Definitely down with the support. I'm 5'2" and never had a weight problem until a few years ago. So I am completely out of my element. I have been look over the ignite program and I am ready to make the leap. Have any of my fellow shorties tried or currently on the ignite program? Good results?

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    my2men2007  over 1 year ago by: my2men2007

    Hello Shorties,

    Happy New Year! I'm new to Daily Burn (just started a week ago). I am a REAL "shortie", standing at 4'11 and a half'' on a GOOD day. Lol. I am currently 134 lbs. (approximately 80% muscle). I would love to be at 119-123 lbs. by April 1. Even though I'm not particularly heavy, I look heavier because 1) I'm short, 2) because I have a medium-large frame with thicker thighs, a round bottom and 34D bust. I hate to get so personal with details, but I'm just wondering if any of you have similar proportions. I think I am split fairly evenly in terms of torso vs. leg ratio. My thighs are about 20 inches around (I feel like that's HUGE, even if there is a good deal of muscle). My waist is a 29. My hips are 34 inches. I have not invested the extra money into Ignite, so I am just eating as clean a possible and reading posts from others using Ignite to get some fresh ideas about meals, snacks, etc. I'm not a "Junk food" type, but I love a good pizza crust!! :-)

    • mythicalgriffons
      mythicalgriffons over 1 year ago

      i think your both doing better then me lol. At 5'2" im currently 205lbs, but i have a ton of muscle. My highest weight was 222lbs about 10yrs ago. I do not look like i weigh 200lbs when people guess my weight they guess between 150-175lbs. Ever at 205lbs im a size 14, my smallest size ever was 170lbs at a size 8. I have large C/small D breasts, a large bottom, and very muscular legs. I do look proportionate despite the very heavy weight for my height, im about 6% above my body fat percentage for my age/height. My mother was adopted so i dont know what i am from her side but on my fathers side i am 100% german decendance. So overall i am overweight but i dont really look like my weight ever anyhow even when i am much smaller in pants size.

    • my2men2007
      my2men2007 over 1 year ago

      Hello, Mythical...
      Thanks for all the body info. It really helps me to get visual of other women the same height. Do you have any particular weight loss/health goals, or are you more interested in "maintenance"? Also what Dailyburn program(s) do you enjoy most?

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    Sonvya  10 months ago by: Sonvya

    I just joined, I am 5'1"...and yes 2 to 5 pounds on us looks like 10 to 15...Hope you are still on and still working out!!!

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    JackieChanly  5 months ago by: JackieChanly

    I'm 4' 11" and yes I agree a few pounds can end up looking like a lot!
    I weigh about 127 now after starting daily burn and I feel like my progress is a bit slow. I would like to get down to about 107 but I care more about the muscle mass and athletic ability and how my body looks (posture, stature, body fat percentage).
    I have a shortish torso with longer legs and arms.
    My issue with myself currently is that the conundrum of how it looks along with the health issues. I'm not "fat" but I'm in the overweight range of BMI and body fat percentage. It's nothing horrendous but it does pull my spine out of whack and leads to a lot of back pain. I do a good job of shopping for clothes that fit and are flattering, but I have to admit, due to the shortness of my torso and my current body fat %age, my middle looks really really thick. I feel like it makes me look like a jellybean with arms and legs and I really want to do something about it.

    If you're still wanting support members count me in!

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    andgon238  4 months ago by: andgon238

    I know how this feels. My torso is so short, and my body is small, so I really feel like I have to eat so much less than everyone else, even to maintain my weight, and now that I'm trying to lose ~30 lbs, it's getting really difficult to get rid of the extra pounds just because it's very slow cutting down only the proper amount of calories (if you go too low, you get into starvation mode), but not seeing results quickly is discouraging, too =(

    • JackieChanly
      JackieChanly 4 months ago

      I know how all of this feels. I also have (had) ~30 pounds to lose when I started.

      This detox plan I started this week is really helping, but it does give you a headache at first to get rid of the toxins so quickly. (I used a Chinese detox tea that basically aid the liver and kidneys to breakdown and flush out toxins. I also drank lots of water and stopped eating any prepackaged/processed foods or anything with added sugars, salts, even fake sweetener. Basically everything not whole or "unnatural". I also drank at least 2 liters or more water every day. I did do the Chinese laxative tea, but I eat so much fiber I don't really need that much help pooping. Last but not least I do the Epsom salt baths at night to sweat and soften skin to keep it active. So basically I'm detoxing out of every orifice.) The detox itself sounds extreme... AND IT WORKED. I dropped 2.5-3 pounds since starting already. So seeing results that quickly was nice, but I know that one cannot ultimately keep living like that forever.
      My sister's spring break is coming up and I want to look nice. I remember being upset about my weight at her last spring break and vowing not to be in that same position again the following year, so it's a little encouraging to see results. (Don't misunderstand, I did try for all of last year to lose weight and I'd lose like 5ish pounds and shoot right back or I'd gain 5ish pounds and work really hard to lose weight all to end up hovering around 130 the whole year. 137 at one point! This is the biggest I've ever been and it's really upsetting me, but what gets me the most is not feeling like my personal health is up to par. Bad posture aside, shouldn't I be vibrant and full of life instead of sluggish and constantly stressed and constantly rundown?

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