Any other 5'2" and under dieters out there?

  • Dieting is tough on the short ones. An extra 5 lbs can look like 20 and it takes longer to lose weight.

    Anyone shorties out there want to support one another?

    DaringFemme   by: DaringFemme
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    fentola1980  over 2 years ago by: fentola1980

    Definitely down with the support. I'm 5'2" and never had a weight problem until a few years ago. So I am completely out of my element. I have been look over the ignite program and I am ready to make the leap. Have any of my fellow shorties tried or currently on the ignite program? Good results?

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    JackieChanly  about 1 year ago by: JackieChanly

    I'm 4' 11" and yes I agree a few pounds can end up looking like a lot!
    I weigh about 127 now after starting daily burn and I feel like my progress is a bit slow. I would like to get down to about 107 but I care more about the muscle mass and athletic ability and how my body looks (posture, stature, body fat percentage).
    I have a shortish torso with longer legs and arms.
    My issue with myself currently is that the conundrum of how it looks along with the health issues. I'm not "fat" but I'm in the overweight range of BMI and body fat percentage. It's nothing horrendous but it does pull my spine out of whack and leads to a lot of back pain. I do a good job of shopping for clothes that fit and are flattering, but I have to admit, due to the shortness of my torso and my current body fat %age, my middle looks really really thick. I feel like it makes me look like a jellybean with arms and legs and I really want to do something about it.

    If you're still wanting support members count me in!

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