Any other fat people feel shunned at the gym or sporting goods store?

  • I'm just starting my quest to get in good shape and lose weight. I'm 5'10", and 278lbs. I'm obese, in other words. I have an underactive thyroid and PCOS, both of which were diagnosed recently and both of which contribute to the fact that I've found it pretty impossible to lose weight in the past.
    I would think that big people would get more support when we try to get fit, but the opposite seems to be the case. I feel awkward shopping for clothes to wear working out (sporting goods stores don't carry my size, that's for sure!) or shopping for equipment. I tried out a couple gyms in my area, and was amazed and embarrassed at the dirty looks I got. I have good gym etiquette, but all the pretty people didn't want to look at me, I guess.
    It's hard enough being fat in this culture without feeling I'm running the gauntlet every time I want to run on a treadmill. I'm just curious if other big people have the same problem. It would be nice to know I'm not the only sporting goods pariah.

    Lilyanne   by: Lilyanne
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    kawaiola  over 1 year ago by: kawaiola

    I'm very overweight myself, and I always worry about the reaction that I'm going to get from other people at the gym or sporting goods store -- like I'm supposed to already be skinny to belong at those places. But for the most part, I've found that's all in my head. I don't think I've ever gotten a negative look or had a bad experience with people (that I've noticed, anyway). I try to do things that help me feel my best, like working out or shopping with friends/family that make me feel comfortable. And I like to do my research online before going to a sporting goods store, so I'm not walking around aimlessly feeling/looking hopeless (I do that for most products I purchase, though, not just fitness gear). And if I have to go alone, I just turn on my iPod. I can feel in my own world and kinda forget about everyone else when listening to music or a podcast.

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    Jinxy100  over 1 year ago by: Jinxy100

    I never got dirty looks, but my high self esteem may not let me notice them. LOL

    You're doing a great thing for yourself and for your health so you really shouldn't care about the looks you get.

    I know that's hard to do, because, after all, one of the reasons for which we try to lose weight is to be attractive. So you're kind of doing it for the looks (at least in part).

    You should try and find pride in what you do. People give dirty looks to everyone. Doesn't really matter if you're skinny or big. People always find something bad to say and stuff, whether it's because of jealousy or simple meanness. Don't let that put you down, you're doing a great job !

    I don't know about sporting goods. There's a problem with many stores who don't have some sizes. That's just how it goes unfortunately. :( All you can do about it is try and find a store who provides bigger sizes or have some sporting clothes made for you.

    • Lilyanne
      Lilyanne over 1 year ago

      Thanks! I'm a costume designer, so I'm pretty good at sewing, maybe I'll make myself some clothes! Hadn't thought of that, it's a great idea though. I'm not easily embarrassed, but I still feel out of my element at gyms and sporting goods stores. I know that will change, though. I guess if I pretend I'm shopping for a show I'll be more confident, I've been very odd places looking for costumes!

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    story1029  over 1 year ago by: story1029

    I think you should be so proud of yourself. Other people have know idea of the journey you're on. They know not what they do. Pay them no attention. Maybe just fine some clothes that are comfortable at first like just t-shirts and shorts or sweat pants. Do you have a YMCA near you? They are the best and I've found the people there to be very kind and helpful. I've been to a lot of them. When you feel like you've had a bad day look for support in your friends and family. Ask them for a pep talk. Sometimes we need to ask for what we need. I wish you all the best. You can always come here for support too.

    • Lilyanne
      Lilyanne over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the YMCA tip, I hadn't thought of looking there! I just joined weight watchers with my Mom, it is really nice to have a family member I can confide in! Ive always been the confidant in my group of friends, the low stress one who listens to everyone else's problem. I guess it's time to be the one talking, for once!

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    awesen  over 1 year ago by: awesen

    Yes, I realize going to the gym can sometimes be slightly intimidating. Sometimes you just need to see pastthe negative towards your mountain top wellness goals and objectives. Also I'm here to tell you losing fat weight is not impossible and If the gym is not doing it for you there are other alternative to consider (early on) to keep you on the road to attaining your health and wellness goals.

    My name is Alan and I too am in the process of going through fat loss transformation. I've been overweight for nearly 20 years and although (always around 28-29 BMI) I've been relatively active (like doing this wonderful workout) I've never been able to lose the unhealthy fat. My problem is I have been consuming 4000 calories per day (or more) and eat way too much after 7pm.

    Just two months ago, I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to shed these pounds (236) and get back to a healthy body weight for my size and weight (195). One month ago I was introduced to my friend Randy Gray via Randy told me about a simple fat loss system which enable individuals like you and I to lose inches without starving. Its all about eating a lean balance meal every 3 hours and staying committed to the program for at least 30 takes that long for your body and mind to physiologically make the change.

    I started the Take Shape for Life Program 10 days ago and I have been very happy with the results. After almost 10 years I finally got below the 230 mark and weighed in at 228 (down from 236)!! I still perform Daily Burn at least 3x's per week, however due to a a substantial reduction in my daily calories ... I cut my workouts in 1/2.

    For starters go to to learn more about obesity and overweight. If you're committed to taking off the weight, let me know and I'll introduce you to Randy.


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