Any other options besides shakes for breakfast?

  • I am on a travel nursing assignment, living in a hotel. I don't have a blender and don't really want to buy one and then have to get it back home too.

    Divachef   by: Divachef
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    treasejst  5 months ago by: treasejst

    WalMart has the "Hamilton" (single serve) blender for $12... really small and suitable for travel...

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    Amazonvet97  5 months ago by: Amazonvet97

    On the days I can't make my shake at home, I just use a travel shaker. You can get one at any GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or Smoothie King, or anyplace that sells supplements. It's just a plastic container with a wire ball and a tight lid. You just put in your water/almond milk and a scoop of your daily fuel (or RAW Meal like I use), and shake it up. Easy! It keeps me full all morning.

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    jordanhillis  5 months ago by: jordanhillis

    I have high fiber cereal with milk or soymilk and berries.

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