Any reason why my DB challenge results aren't getting updated? My Personal Best results are stuck at the results I got on my first try.

  • For example, my challenge today was burpees, and when I beat my previous times it didn't log in the new results. :(

    Tesserkate   by: Tesserkate
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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    Sorry about that. It's a bug that we're currently working on and will have resolved shortly.

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    rruebbelke  over 1 year ago by: rruebbelke

    My results for my dailyburn challenges aren't always posting either. Hopefully will be fixed in the future.

    • Anthony
      Anthony over 1 year ago

      If you 'refresh' the page, you'll be able to see the updated results. We'll be changing this soon so that the results are in realtime.

    • bohdel
      bohdel over 1 year ago

      Thanks, this fixed the problem for me.

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