Any recommendations for iPhone armband or headphone products?

  • I want to use the DailyBurn videos that require equipment in my gym. Does anyone use something to attach and detach their iPhone during exercises?
    Another more challenging issue @DailyBurn developers, my gym doesn't provide WiFi and the videos are extremely choppy over the 3G network. Anyway to download them?

    evanjlevy   by: evanjlevy
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    Anthony  almost 2 years ago by: Anthony

    We actually did a review on a waterproof iPhone armband case last year that you can find here: . It worked great and protected from sweat, as well as full underwater submersion. However, it may be overkill if you're just looking to use it in a gym setting. As far as downloading videos goes, we only offer streaming at this time. The videos are intended to be streamed over a connected internet source, WiFi, or 4G, so using 3G may result in a lower quality video stream.

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    YankDownUnder  almost 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    I found carrying portable speakers the way to go. With an armband you can't really see the videos, so I would set my phone up on a ledge somewhere with my iHome speakers and workout away.

    And while I haven't tried it myself, something like this can capture the video on your screen to rewatch later :)

    • Vertigirl
      Vertigirl almost 2 years ago

      Has anyone tried the Pocket App as a solution to watch videos when streaming not available?

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    Vertigirl  almost 2 years ago by: Vertigirl

    I've had the best luck with Belkin.
    The only downside to something that attaches/detaches easily throughout a workout is that if you're doing any fast or abrupt movements your device might not stay on the armband. If you're lifting- no problem. Plyometrics? Might get frustrating.
    I still use my Belkin cases from 3 years ago that have a clear, plastic case for the device with a clip on the back that fits snugly on the armband. There is a little lip at the bottom of the clip that keeps in on the armband and even insanely modified burpees won't knock it off. I never had a problem lifting my arm to see cues and always left it on so it was a great solution.
    The newer version (I have not tried yet) you can buy here:
    I have never met an armband that is all one piece that I have liked- touchscreen nightmare. Always opt for something that clips on, the material is typically more comfortable and also has more sizing options for people with smaller arms (I'm 5'3"). If you're picky like me, you might be best to buy from places that take returns/exchanges. Good Luck!

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