Any recommendations for iPhone armband or headphone products?

  • I want to use the DailyBurn videos that require equipment in my gym. Does anyone use something to attach and detach their iPhone during exercises?
    Another more challenging issue @DailyBurn developers, my gym doesn't provide WiFi and the videos are extremely choppy over the 3G network. Anyway to download them?

    evanjlevy   by: evanjlevy
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    We actually did a review on a waterproof iPhone armband case last year that you can find here: . It worked great and protected from sweat, as well as full underwater submersion. However, it may be overkill if you're just looking to use it in a gym setting. As far as downloading videos goes, we only offer streaming at this time. The videos are intended to be streamed over a connected internet source, WiFi, or 4G, so using 3G may result in a lower quality video stream.

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