Any tips on Fighting Emotional/Stress - Eating?

  • Whenever I feel stressed like a deadline or exam closing by, I feel depressed and eat and seeing the calories i'm getting feel guilty and eat even more. I'm trying to break this but i'm in kind of a yo-yo stuation here; i succeed one week, other week i give into tepmptation. Any tips or how to fight it?

    Roselyn   by: Roselyn
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    queenbee420  about 2 years ago by: queenbee420

    Yoga, yoga, yoga....breathing, and relaxing

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    moore3883  about 2 years ago by: moore3883

    My advice is to stay the course, I've always been an emotional eater too, so I know where you're coming from. But this year, I've been hell bent on working out and eating right, and in the past few weeks I've noticed that instead of wanting to eat something, my focus has been more towards wanting to work out, or just go outside when things get nasty inside ha. But if you fall down today then get back up and do better tomorrow. Think about all the times you succeed as opposed to focusing on the few times you don't. Anyway, hope this helped!

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    ArianeVK  about 2 years ago by: ArianeVK

    I like Keaira's kickass work-outs for moments like that. :)

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    codemonkey2841  about 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    It's okay to give in to cravings but only if you do it in moderation. Try to limit your emotional eating to one or two bites. If you are still craving something after that, try to subsitute it with something healthy instead. The best thing I've found for myself is whenever I feel hungry, I slug down a 16 oz glass of water. If I still feel hungry I'll grab some carrots or a couple bites or sauerkraut. If I find that I have a particular craving, I'll have a bit of it (pretzel M&Ms are the devil) to try to curb the craving.

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    amandajean  over 1 year ago by: amandajean

    I know this may not work for you, but whenever I feel the desire to eat and I know I shouldn't be, I pop a mint tic-tac and/or brush my teeth with mint toothpaste. Mint just stops all cravings in their tracks. It also makes me, personally, feel slightly nauseous. This gets me OUT of my body "mentally" and lets me focus on what the real problem is. I deal with compulsive over eating and so I have to find ways to get my head out of the food and into what's wrong.

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    MJI  about 1 month ago by: MJI

    Work with your mind and body. Have you tried mindfulness therapy? Its like meditation plus working with the language of your mind.

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