Anybody know when the DailyBurn Android App will add support for the DailyBurn Heart Rate Monitor?

  • In the dailyburn store, underneath the heart rate monitor's description it says that the heart rate monitor cannot currently be used with the dailyburn android app, but that 'support will be added in the coming months' (so the dailyburn heart rate monitor will be able to be used with the android dailyburn app). Any idea of what 'the coming months' means/what an estimated date would be for when support for the dailyburn heart rate monitor on the dailyburn android app would be?

    gingellbells   by: gingellbells
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    tmoya  10 months ago by: tmoya

    I would like to know this too. It's frustrating that I like this program but hardly anything works with Android. I don't like APPLE so I will not by another system so I can use this product.

    • Attorneyvba
      Attorneyvba 8 months ago

      I am waiting for the hart rate monitor to work with the Android as well. Any updates on this?

    • sirjohnm
      sirjohnm 10 months ago

      I hope soon...

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