Anybody on the paleo diet?

  • I want to do the paleo diet to maintain my weight and health. Does anybody have any online resources, preferably free, that they can refer me to? Thanks.

    brendats   by: brendats
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    Karnilla  over 1 year ago by: Karnilla

    Mark's daily apple website is a good place to start it's got tons of articles and free recipes

    • brendats
      brendats over 1 year ago

      Thanks Karnilla.

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    mflynn  over 1 year ago by: mflynn

    Good luck on this search! I've been semi-paleo for a little while now. I do eat legumes (the only part I don't follow because I rinse/soak them for a while).

    My favorite websites for paleo recipes (that are free and that I've tested!) are:

    And I've actually started a blog combining many of the recipes I've used . Check it out!

    Hope this helps! I also have some paleo cookbooks if you're willing to splurge a little :)

    • brendats
      brendats over 1 year ago

      Thanks, mflynn. I looked at your site, and I'm already loving it. Will be going back more often. :)

    • cunningham72512
      cunningham72512 6 months ago

      My husband and I are going semi-paleo too. Just honestly, I'm a stay at home mom with a baby and my husband works. We don;t have a hell whole of a lot of money and since my husband and I are both doing this, I couldn't see spending $120 for the shakes for us. So we decided to cut most of the processed crap out of our diet and I stumbled on Paleo living and that seemed to be something we could handle. Plus, it was just a REALLY good way to push that stake on getting rid of processed foods lol

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    brendats  over 1 year ago by: brendats

    Thanks, Karnilla!

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    randper  over 1 year ago by: randper

    I've considered trying it myself as well, but my wife (who's a certified Personal Trainer and licensed Occupational Therapist) isn't a fan of the Paleo Diet. She recommends balanced meals and exercise, everything in moderation. She thinks that the Paleo Diet (and any fad diet for that matter) isn't sustainable over the long run.

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