Anybody own a roku? if not google it

  • I recently bought a roku and was so happy to see that dailyburn was on the fitness channel :D now i can watch daily burn on my tv.

    urangelbaby2008   by: urangelbaby2008
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    scamp07  over 2 years ago by: scamp07

    Love using my Roku for Daily Burn

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    urangelbaby2008  over 2 years ago by: urangelbaby2008

    my boyfriend recently got a roku also at his house and i signed in on daily burn but i am not sure if it linked to my account correctly because (1) i did not receive my points ( and i waited 24 hours too make sure) and (2) it does not display calories burned like it does on my computer and my roku at home. Can i have daily burn linked to 2 different roku's ? and still get the full benefits?

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