Anyone follow the Paleo/Primal way of eating on DB?

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    nikkidemers1  over 1 year ago by: nikkidemers1

    Yes! I find with a few changes everything is fitting together nicely. I guess, too, it depends on how strictly paleo you are. I don't do a shake most mornings & stick with my scrambled eggs with a cut up tomato on the side.

    • michaelk
      michaelk over 1 year ago

      Nice! Let's follow each other. Good luck!

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    SpinSpin  over 1 year ago by: SpinSpin

    I am also doing Paleo/Primal as well as following the Whole30 for my first month or so. I am looking at recipes and I agree with a few changes, I think the recipes will work. Just no shakes for me--going to stick with eggs and veggies for breakfast. Would love to follow both of you if you would like a new follower!

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