Anyone Juice Fasting?

  • 'Ive done this before, so I'm more smoothie fasting really so I can add my powders and keep the fiber from the food, but still only juicing fruits and veggies! Lets stick together! It can be hard, but the rewards are amazing!

    MMMAY7   by: MMMAY7
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    Sashad2600  about 1 year ago by: Sashad2600

    I juice fast until dinner 5 days/ week. I feel really badly when I don't drink my green juices.

    • sail
      sail about 1 year ago

      I do this most days too. I make a giant green smoothie in the morning, sip on it all day, and then eat dinner. I used to juice instead of blend, but I found that I tend to get shaky with the juicer, and not really when I blend.

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