Anyone need a support partner/buddy?

  • Hi all. I've just signed up the site as I want to start to lose weight/body fat from the beginning of next month. I'm going to start on Sunday 4th June.

    The main reason for joining is I think it would be much better in a supportive environment. I've tried doing it on my own previously but with little success.

    About me: 34yr old male, 16.1 stone (230lbs), 6'2" with a 38" waist. I'm English and work in London so finding time to work out will be a struggle but I need to find time.

    Happy to buddy up with male or female from anywhere.

    Does anyone want some mutual support via e-mail?

    I hope to hear from you,


    norfy   by: norfy
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    baileme  almost 2 years ago by: baileme

    I can't commit to email support, as I am terrible at finding the time to reply to them. But wanted to send some encouragement! You sound motivated- so I believe you can achieve your goals :) It always helps me train for something if I use a calendar and write in the days that I am going to work out. That way I have to look at it. If I do the workout, I cross that day off. But if I don't, then it stays up there. It's a good reminder and motivator!! Good luck!

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    theshanman97  almost 2 years ago by: theshanman97

    i will! lol! im in the UK also! XD

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    FitKitty1  over 1 year ago by: FitKitty1

    I'm not in the UK but I am more than willing to support ya! Add me as a friend and we can totally loose this weight together!

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