Anyone using this with an ED?

  • I really love the new focus of DailyBurn. I love to track but I get so focused on the numbers it really screws with my head - and I love that the nutrition focuses on facts that I agree with while still pushing me (5 ingredient limit!)

    However, I have compulsive overeating disorder and would love to know if there is someone here who is dealing with the same thing? Any advice in general would be great too.


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    Bensonnj  over 1 year ago by: Bensonnj

    I have had the same uphill battle that you are facing now. There were many times I would be so ashamed of my compulsive eating that I didn't want anyone to know I was eating, so I ate in the car. I would hide wrappers and fast food bags under my seats. I still find that sometimes it can be a struggle to tell myself, "No, you don't need that. You aren't actually hungry". One small tip that seemed to help me A LOT was someone told me to look at the plate or bowl size I was using. The bigger the plate, the bigger the portions, the more food. I still get that satisfying feeling even after now when I have a much smaller plate or bowl. I also work in an office that LOVES to celebrate with 'Food Days'. These days can be such a struggle for me! But I have found that keeping high protein nutrition bars at my desk help keep my wandering eyes away from the food. And sugar free gum keeps my mouth busy and taste buds happy so I don't spend the whole day eating.

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