Are natural, no-calorie sweeteners like Stevia or monk fruit as bad for you as artificial sweeteners?

  • I've read arguments on both sides of this question. Some say that Stevia, or the splenda brand monk fruit sweetener (both of which have erythritol, which is technically natural) don't impact insulin levels like aspartame or saccharine. But will these natural sweeteners cause the same sugar craving problems as other "diet" sweeteners? I've stopped drinking diet sodas, because they are so chemical, but I'd like the option to have lemon water with a packet of something sweet for watered down lemonade. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Lilyanne   by: Lilyanne
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    awesen  almost 2 years ago by: awesen

    I use the yellow packets and have thus far given up sugar for three weeks. I'll consume between 2-3 cups of coffee per day, otherwise I make sure to drink one 16oz glass of filtered water every two hours...this insures I attain my drinking water objective.

    • GaryK
      GaryK almost 2 years ago

      If you need sweeteners, Stay with natural sweeteners in moderation. Stevia isn't bad, RAW agave is low on the glycemic scale and won't spike your blood sugar. All things in moderation will satisfy your needs.
      I'm not a doctor but I played one, once. In my opinion, If it's artificial, it's not going to be beneficial to your health. Stay with natural, eat healthy, balanced meals, work out and maintain.

    • Lilyanne
      Lilyanne over 1 year ago

      Thanks, Gary! I didn't know that about raw agave, I'll look into it. I'm finding I don't need sweeteners for most things, save the odd cup of black tea. I gave up diet soda about a month ago, and now I can't stand the taste! And I'm just fine with that, lemon water tastes better than diet coke ever did.

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    tott1122  over 1 year ago by: tott1122

    I use pure green-leaf stevia (available on raw websites) and that has no chemicals or preservatives. No cravings either.

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    jonas  almost 2 years ago by: jonas

    Cross posting to a reddit topic on the subject of artificial sweeteners:

    As far as the discussion there is concerned, aspartame is not toxic.

    • Lilyanne
      Lilyanne almost 2 years ago

      Thanks for the link! I'm not so much concerned whether aspartame is toxic as whether it impacts blood glucose levels. My family has a strong history of diabetes, so that's what concerns me right now. And diet sodas like Diet Coke (which I used to drink a LOT of) have a lot more chemicals than just aspartame. Any drink which can sit opened and unrefrigerated and not go bad for days on end is not a drink I want to consume! Well, except for gin . . . .

    • GaryK
      GaryK almost 2 years ago

      If it's artificial, it's not beneficial. I would stay away from aspartame. Demonized or not.

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    sdavishb  over 1 year ago by: sdavishb

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