Are some deli turkeys okay?

  • I see that deli lunch meats are listed under the gluten category of sneaky ingredients to avoid, but that turkey breast is also part of a recipe (turkey/veg/hummus roll-ups) on the site. When (if ever) is deli turkey ok??

    fryeje   by: fryeje
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    Jenny5272  over 1 year ago by: Jenny5272

    I have found some that say gluten free but they have one of the evil 6 in the ingredients such as sugar.

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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    Just go for the gluten free deli meats. Sugar is allowed, preferably in natural sources. 20grams or less of sugar per meal. Keep in mind veggies and fruits have natural sugar. So dont look at the label and go this has 5grams per slice so i can have 4 slices, unless thats all your going to have period. In reality it is not going to have 5grams of sugar per slice, just saying. 20grams is 1.35256 tablespoons.

    • fryeje
      fryeje over 1 year ago

      Thank you! I found GF turkey at Trader Joe's if anyone is looking.

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    warriortwo  3 months ago by: warriortwo

    I would love if one of the moderators could answer this. Should we be aiming for slices from the deli counter?

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