Are there any females who have had a child who just can not get rid of the after baby tummy?

  • I've tried forever, but it seems like after having a child my tummy became the storing ground for all extra fat on my body. Even at my leanest it was still not cut! What gives? The skin is not loose like some, but there just seems to be an unlimited amount of fat stored there! I run marathons, so yes, I do get cardio in every week, however the midsection just doesn't get tight like I want!! Any suggestions from people with experience??? Thanks! Be blessed!

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    ashleystone  over 2 years ago by: ashleystone

    Oh I hear ya! It takes time. I'm three years postpardum after baby #2 and I'm finally seeing the definition in my abs (something I NEVER had). It takes tons of work, not just cardio, which I'm sure you know. Keep up with the strength training moves, read up or cortisol and it's affects on belly fat. It's a stress hormone and causes women to gain fat in their mid section, if you don't get enough sleep, have excess stress (which most of us do) and/or have other health conditions it can totally increase the belly fat.

    Don't get discouraged! If you're running marathons, eating healthy and being active I'm sure you look fabulous and it will come with time. How far postpardum are you?

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    mmj614  about 2 years ago by: mmj614

    Pilates has a lot of core based exercises. Try including it once or twice in your weekly workout schedule.

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    Cynfully_Cute  over 1 year ago by: Cynfully_Cute

    My abs separated with my pregnancy, after six months I still have a pretty big gap. If you have the same it could be why your tummy area won't flatten out! Here is a link to some exercises I found to help them knit back together!

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