Are there any Ignite success stories?

  • I am very interested in starting the ignite nutrition program. However, it seems to be much higher in calories than what I've been eating and am afraid of putting on any of the weight I've worked so hard to take off. Are there any success stories out there? I don't want to spend such a ridiculous amount of money on specialized protein powder etc. only to pack on the pounds and throw it away later.

    MissMaryContrary   by: MissMaryContrary
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    RedcrossReborn  about 1 year ago by: RedcrossReborn

    Ask me in 21 days! :) Also, if you are worrying about the calories do realize that the bulk of the food aren't very calorie dense. This diet is a somewhat less strict (and in some ways more strict) version of Tim Ferris' slow-carb diet and many people have reported success with that diet. Just do a Google search on "Tim Ferris' Slow Carb" and see what you can find. I have a feeling the Ignite diet will yield similar results if follow as designed.

    • MissMaryContrary
      MissMaryContrary about 1 year ago

      thank you for the response, but that is what I was afraid of. I've not been able to find anyone who has done this successfully.

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    DreamingHazel  about 1 year ago by: DreamingHazel


    I have been on ignite for 1 week today. This sounds crazy but I have gone from 170.4 to 164.4 just this week! I'm assuming some of it is water weight but I have NEVER, EVER gotten these results with any other program. In fact, when I started ignite, my goal was just to get healthy. I felt that I was lacking in nutrition because I kept getting sick with cold after cold after cold. I haven't been counting calories (just following ignite recipes) and I haven't even started the workouts yet.

    I, like you, have been on strict 1,200 -1,300 calorie diets. When I started ignite I was very surprised by the increase in calories as well as the portion sizes. As the week progressed, the diet got easier and easier. I started feeling the results of a nutrient-dense diet and I feel good inside. I have to say, even though the "evil 6" make this diet seem very strict and throw out a lot of has been so much easier than counting and documenting every calorie I ingest. I'm not starving like I am on other diets! I love that!

    Like I said before, I wasn't expecting big results on the scale so imagine my surprise when I saw that I had dropped 6 pounds this morning. I'm assuming 3 pounds of it is water weight and 3 pounds of it is actual fat. I'm stoked with the results!

    I've been alternating the shakes in the morning, and eating one of the ignite salads everyday for lunch. For dinner, I choose one of their dinner options (which is usually low-carb). During the day, for snacks, I usually bring an apple and some carrots or celery. I eat the apple between breakfast and lunch. I eat the carrots or celery between lunch and dinner. I haven't been combining the fruits/veggies with almond butter for my snacks. Like you, I was just scared I was going to ingest too many calories...especially since I haven't started the workouts yet. That might change though! We'll see how things go!

    • MissMaryContrary
      MissMaryContrary about 1 year ago

      Thank you! That is so exciting to hear. You may have just swayed me. I plan to start on Monday the 25th since I will be out of town at my mom's this weekend and started something new when you go to mom's house is a BAD idea.

      You just gave me the encouragement I needed to take the plunge! Thank you so much!

    • DreamingHazel
      DreamingHazel about 1 year ago

      Great! I think you will like it a lot! Besides, it's the total package...a nutritious diet + workouts that you don't have to figure out yourself. I think you're body just burns better when it gets the correct fuel.

      I think the biggest thing I cut out with ignite is gluten and sugar. Sugar has been a huge eye-opener for me. I really don't eat a lot of sweets but I recently learned it's in EVERYTHING! I would be eating something that was low in fat but loaded in sugar...and never even knew it. Guess what that sugar turns into once it enters the body? FAT! It's amazing how many diet foods I thought were healthy but weren't doing me any favors.

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