Are there any replacements for sauces like ketchup, bbq, or mayo?

  • I am making turkey burgers and I just realized that the sauce I usually make (copycat of in 'n out's "special sauce") has added sugar AND soybean oil! Are their any suggestions for replacing ketchup, mayo, aioli, or bbq? Thanks!

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    scvb13  about 2 years ago by: scvb13

    I purchased an Ignite-friendly mayo at Whole Foods made with Safflower oil instead of soybean oil. It's pretty good! I just made a coleslaw dressing with it and Stevia and some Srichacha for added heat and it's awesome.

    • SAB42
      SAB42 10 months ago

      Safflower Oil is an oil you should avoid for ignite. Its listed under the "which oils are ok" .

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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    There are organic ketchups out there too without too much sugar. They taste exactly the same, but are better for you!

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