Are there only 5 yoga workouts available? I'm pretty new to yoga and 4 and 5 look way too advanced.

  • So currently I'd only be able to do like 3 and then repeat them? I wanted to be able to this in conjunction with my spin class and such at the gym. Just wanted to figure out if I'm missing something. Thanks!

    pgee   by: pgee
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    swimjim  11 months ago by: swimjim

    I counted 10 flow workouts (9 in the Yoga program and 1 in the DB15 program) , 4 stretching/recovery Yoga workouts, 2 clinics (handstand and meditation), the pregnancy/new parent series, the Supreme Stretch workout with Judy includes Yoga poses.

    The flows in the Yoga program get difficult fast, they are a nice challenge, but they could be the most difficult workouts on the entire site.

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    jwirick  11 months ago by: jwirick

    There is the yoga program, the pregnancy one (which is easier) and then there are a few 15 minute ones in the mobility and recovery sections. Most of the programs will be interspersed with some recovery exercises including yoga. I can't do the harder ones so I just adjust and do as much as I can. Hope this helps.

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