Are there other programs to help work up to inferno?

  • Inferno seems like it's too intense for me at this stage, are there other programs that would be good to help work up to inferno?

    berus07   by: berus07
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    anjag  over 2 years ago by: anjag

    You could try starting with TBT or the cardio sculpt series when it is released! That way you build strength up so that you have the endurance and awareness to push thru Inferno! Can't wait to see you there ;)

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    scamp07  over 2 years ago by: scamp07

    I've been using IntelliBurn. After answering the questionnaire it taylors the workouts to your ability. Once I can do the advanced moves of these workouts I'll move on to Inferno.

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    euclidw  over 2 years ago by: euclidw

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