Are we able to have more then one program selected at a time?

  • Just wondering if it's possible to have 2 or more programs on your personal program list at a time... like core workout and a strength workout.

    LunaDawn   by: LunaDawn
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    GalacticHero  about 1 year ago by: GalacticHero

    I'd like that too, but not possible at the moment, as far as I know.

    • LunaDawn
      LunaDawn 10 months ago

      It would be great... even limited to just 2 or 3. Or maybe to be able to interact with he calendar to input say..."went for half hour jog" then that day's workout for the program your on gets bumped to the next day.

      If can do say 2 programs at once, the calendar can alternate the workout days for us.

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