Artificial Sweetener Bunk

  • I read the referenced citations. Nothing provided evidence that using an artificial sweetener like sucralose would have any direct impact on diet.

    From the sidebar FAQ on your website:

    1) Many people avoid sugar to lose weight, only to introduce potentially harmful chemicals into their diets in the form of sugar-free food products.

    Fine, saccharin when fed in enormous quantities to rats has shown a propensity to be a carcinogenic agent. Show me the evidence where sucralose or aspartame have. Otherwise, define "harmful." Then define why you used the hedging word "potentially." Do you know, or don't you?

    2) Overstimulation of sweet flavors from artificial sweeteners can cause stalled weight loss and sometimes weight gain.

    Both the peer-reviewed references you cited stated that this was not due to the artificial sweeteners themselves but, rather, due to people overcompensating their energy intake by eating more of other foods. Why not show some integrity and warn us of the real issue instead?

    3) Artificial sweeteners may play a role in tumor development and other forms of cancer, although there is a lot of controversy about this claim in the scientific community.

    Yes, as I stated, saccharin in enormous (many times the body weight of the rats forced to ingest it constantly) decades ago, which is why products like aspartame and sucralose were developed. Show us the peer reviewed scholarly research (not just someone's opinion) that proves the causation between ingesting these later products and cancer. Otherwise, stop pretending at science. Oh, and isn't this a restatement of your first item ("harmful chemicals")? Why the pretend list, too, where you're enumerating the same items via repackaging?

    4) Researchers have found that the test subjects who drank artificially sweetened beverages consistently had higher BMIs than those who didn’t.

    Again, non-causal as the articles actually wrote, except as a person overcompensates with more energy (caloric) uptake from other foods. If you disagree, please demonstrate how something ingested that contains no calories can "magically" add an energy component.

    I find the constant "pop-culture" continuation of your sweetener fantasies disappointing. There are so many holes in your presentation on sweeteners, both scientific and contextual, to question your entire rationale in every other area you profess to "help" people.

    Mailman   by: Mailman
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    jamjackvee  4 months ago by: jamjackvee

    I am starting to find the entire site disappointing, especially the numerous grammatical errors on the pages. It tends to decrease overall credibility when someone cannot take a few minutes and proof the content before uploading it to the site. Makes one unsure if these are actual professionals in the trade and if I should be following their advice on health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Thanks for your sweeteners debunk. J

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    excelrn  4 months ago by: excelrn

    I am a nurse, answering this off the cuff, so I don't have a list of references for you. I'm new to daily burn, so I'm not writing this for them, just general fyi.
    I don't believe Aspartame/Nutrasweet/Equal has been associated with cancer, but there are studies that show it may be related to neurological problems. It is associated as a migraine trigger for some people; I can attest to that one personally.
    The main issue with artificial sweeteners is that they can trigger the craving for sweets just like sugar/carbs can. That makes it more difficult for someone who's trying to stay away from sugar to actually do so.
    There is also a study out there that lists the effects of all sweeteners, including natural sweeteners, on the body. Honey was the best sweetener in terms of possible effects on the body, that blue agave stuff (natural?) was the worst. Sucralose and aspartame were not in the top half of the list.

    • ALS1976
      ALS1976 3 months ago

      Aspartame was shown to cause tumor growth in the brains of rats! Who would want to eat something that causes tumors in any living creature's brain? There are healthier alternatives like agave and Stevia so I don't understand why so many want to rage against these things that are obviously not healthy, and very potentially unhealthy, for them.

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