Bacon in the morning, good or bad?

  • I love to have bacon and the eggs in the morning and I found so much research saying that it's good, and just as much saying that it's bad. Now how is it, is eggs and bacon a good or bad breakfast?

    Comedienne   by: Comedienne
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    mootruck98  about 2 years ago by: mootruck98

    With my admittedly mediocre results on the nutrition trek I am on, I've heard a lot of opinions, theorems etc.. on nutrition and fitness. What I have concluded is that you can't determine any one thing (a specific food like bacon and/or eggs in this case) as good or bad. Everything is relative and usually works into a system. If you are trying to cut carbs, then bacon and eggs are great. If you are trying to cut cholesterol and fat, not so much. It really depends on what your goals are and how you plan to get there. Some plans may include, eggs, others bacon, some both, some neither.

    • Comedienne
      Comedienne about 2 years ago

      This was quite a helpful answer. You're right that it does depend on the rest of my diet. And since the rest of my diet is quite fat poor in general I guess I can "afford" this into my meals. I'll try it out and see how it works out, because I just love to have a "full english" breakfast :-)

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    codemonkey2841  about 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    It seems like the answer to that question changes about once a decade. I look at it this way - eggs and bacon is better than most things you could be eating for breakfast, and as long as you balance out your macronutrients throughout the day, you're probably good.

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    Bathsheba  about 2 years ago by: Bathsheba

    I try to go with eating things that are not super processed. Bacon and eggs with a little fruit on the side for breakfast is such a protein rich, fill you up and wholesome meal. Go for it. Of course, everything in moderation. And watch the salt content with the bacon.

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    buckry  about 2 years ago by: buckry

    I've been seeing a lot of reports lately that says that protein jolt you get from bacon and eggs in the morning is the best way to start your metabolism. It starts your body off on the right path for the whole day. I personally do not adhere to this, I just don't like to eat anything in the morning. I have a banana and a V8 every day, beyond that I just don't want anything else. I may be missing out on something really amazing, but I just don't like it.

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    splashangel  about 2 years ago by: splashangel

    I eat turkey bacon but I put a dab of coconut oil in the pan first.

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    Comedienne  about 2 years ago by: Comedienne

    Thanks all of you! I eat a version that has very little salt in it and also not as much fat as other bacon and only two bacon strips and two eggs. I have done this for a week and I must say that I feel more energetic than I ever did on cereal - And I'm also enjoying my breakfast more! This could work for me :)

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