Been on a plateau for over four weeks now. I walk 1.5-3 miles in the morning and then do a DB work out at night....

  • I watch what I fact, just lowered calories down from 1275 to 1200 now... I need off this plateau!!! Ideas?

    mstyeyes   by: mstyeyes
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    Walkermotivation  over 1 year ago by: Walkermotivation

    maybe you need to up your calories to 1500...I was working out too much and eating too little and I plateaued then my trainer suggest cutting back on my work out and increasing my calories a bit.

    • mstyeyes
      mstyeyes 10 months ago

      thanks! yes, I agree....on all counts....I took my calorie count back up to 1400...changed up my days...and hoping my weigh in on Sunday will show a good change.

    • JoeyP
      JoeyP 10 months ago

      Two things ... yes that calorie count is kind of low
      Make sure that you are getting the appropriate amt of calories that you need on a daily basis or your body will go into emergency mode and you'll crash
      Second ... if ever you hit a plateau sometimes your body is telling you ... Been There Done that
      Which is a signal to change things up
      and that might be as little as going for a bike ride instead of that walk
      or hit a yoga class or change the usual training videos that you use

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    don't drop on your caloric intake an lower than 1200! add intensity to your workouts either but lil jog intervals during your walk or lifting heavier weights during your workouts!

    • mstyeyes
      mstyeyes 10 months ago

      I moved it up to 1400 and am working hard on my daily burn work outs and changing up when I am walking and how far. Hoping Sunday shows these changes have been the right choice. Thanks for the advice.

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    kirasmom02  over 1 year ago by: kirasmom02

    I have been told the same thing in the past as Walkermotivation...when you drop your calorie intake that low, your body is going to hang on to what its got for dear life because you are starving it.

    • mstyeyes
      mstyeyes 10 months ago

      I agree...moved the calories up...will see if that helps. :) thanks so much!

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