Best way to get started?

  • Going from a sedentary lifestyle with 170+ lbs overweight, I'm finding it difficult to complete even the easy routines. What's the best way to start and actually complete workouts on DailyBurn? I feel like I need to customize my routine for things I can complete, but I'm not sure what to go for.

    temporaltech   by: temporaltech
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    GFuterfas  over 1 year ago by: GFuterfas

    Check out the new True Beginner series that's just been released. It's tailored specifically for people who are starting out with exercise or are coming back from an injury.

    • altheaj
      altheaj 10 months ago

      Good luck to you. soon you will be looking at the workouts and saying "Bring It !!"

    • temporaltech
      temporaltech 10 months ago

      oh wow perfect timing! That's exactly what I was looking for!

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    countladybee  over 1 year ago by: countladybee

    I think the best thing to do is just try your best - do what you can and push yourself, but do not over do it, as that can be dangerous too. Focus on what you can do, and focus on technique more than speed or reps. You will notice soon that your muscles get used to these motions and they will become easier.
    Make it your overall long-term goal to complete a workout in it's entirety, it's always something to look forward to and good motivation for me, at least.
    Good luck, you can do it :]

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    MsLake  about 1 year ago by: MsLake

    My best friend is considerably overweight and I have been trying to support her in her weight loss. What I have observed is this: 1) she feels guilty for having gained weight in the first place, which manifests as self-defeat; and 2) working out does not make her feel good yet... actually it makes her physically uncomfortable and frustrated. What has been working for her is lots and lots of love, support and reassurance. Find someone who will not let you do this all on your own. You need someone who really truly supports you and knows how to support you in a productive and positive way (I am personally not a fan of tough-love). This is hard for me too and I used to be a competitive athlete, don't beat yourself up over not feeling motivated every single moment but remind yourself that this is good for you and will feel better as you keep with it. Work on providing yourself with positive reinforcement (even just a five-minute mediation focused on loving yourself and the world around you helps). If the workout is too much for you to follow every day, take a day off from the program but do not take a day off from yourself. Use the time to take a walk, mop the floor, anything not seated... but keep going back to the program; having the guidance it provides is essential. Good luck! Lots of love and health!

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    shaeon  about 1 year ago by: shaeon

    I don't think this was mentioned in True Beginner until I got to the second level - but it's better to do a few repetitions of an exercise correctly than it is to do a whole bunch of them badly but fast. Don't be ashamed to take your time. Just do the exercises to the best of your ability.
    In True Beginner modifications are often shown for various exercises, and you should use those if you need to. I also had to google a modification - because of my weight the Child Pose (which is done during the cool down on one of the videos) was painful and uncomfortable to me. I literally googled "child pose modification for fat people". Now that I have a modified version I can use, it's not uncomfortable and I can actually feel the benefit of the stretch.

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