Best way to space out meals on super long days?

  • I keep a crazy schedule. If I work out in the morning, I have to at least be up by 4am, otherwise, I'm up at about 4:40am. I get to work between 7:30-8 am, off work at 4:30pm, but don't get home until after 5:30pm. If I have to consume breakfast by 6am at the latest, what is a suggested way of spacing out my meals? That means a long time in between eating!


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    KateHough  about 2 years ago by: KateHough

    Wow, you are busy! I suggest eating breakfast at 6am, then eating a snack at 10am, followed by a 1pm lunch, 4pm snack, and 7pm dinner. You don't have to do the traditional "3 large meals and 2 small snacks" deal. Instead, many people turn their eating sessions into small, spaced out meals.

    Also, foods that are high in protein and fiber will keep you full between eating sessions, while foods high in processed carbs will make you feel hungrier, faster.

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