Cacao Nibs

  • Can you eat this during the ignite phase? I've seen them in a few recipes... And are there different kinds? I see Ghiradelli's 100% cacao bars at the store all of the time. Is this allowed?

    sunshineshadow   by: sunshineshadow
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    sunshineshadow  6 months ago by: sunshineshadow

    So to answer my own question, I found soy, dairy, gluten, and nut free chocolate chips at the store and they have only 5g sugar per serving. So when that craving really hits and I can't resist, I just grab a tablespoon of these and I'm all set. Thank goodness for chocolate!

    • drlauradvm
      drlauradvm 5 months ago

      What are those called?! I need to find some. :-)

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