Calendar for intelliburn?

  • Does the intelliburn program not come with a calendar since it's adaptive or am I missing something?
    Is there any other way to view which videos I've already done, even if it can't yet tell me what's to come?

    Blonski   by: Blonski
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    Anthony  about 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Good question, and we'll have this addressed in our new FAQ section shortly. Intelliburn is a program that learns about you as you progress. It uses your gender, age, weight progress, and challenge results of your current video to select the recommended workout for you, therefore there's no way to 'predict' what you're next video is going to be until you complete the current day's workout.

    • Jensap
      Jensap 10 months ago

      Has the new FAQ section been posted? I don't see anything, and this was posted 11 months ago. Also - you say that you can see the next workout after you complete the current day. Where do I see that? Once I have completed, I don't see the next workout until the next morning, but I need to be able to plan when to wake up. Thank you.

    • kaseyc1988
      kaseyc1988 10 months ago

      Thanks for the answer... I was wondering the same thing!

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