Calories and Workout Ratings

  • I just started and find I can do the modified versions well but not the one the trainer is doing. When they estimate the calories burned I assume that that is for your weight and the full workout , not the modified one.
    Second if you like the modified and can not do the whole workout should you say it was to hard when you rate it?

    olive   by: olive
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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    I think the number of calories is for the regular work out, not for the modified ones. However, the number is just an estimate, nothing more. The actual number of burned calories depends on lots of factors, including your weight and how muscular you are. So don't worry too much about the number, it's just a guideline, nothing more.

    I rate the work out based on how hard it was for me. So if I had to do the easier exercises because the regular ones were too hard for me, I'd rate the work out as pretty hard.

    Good luck + have fun!

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    jessdani  about 2 years ago by: jessdani

    I'm pretty sure the reason they ask for your weight in the beginning is so they can determine the amount of calories the average person of your weight would burn during the regular workout.

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    phormalitize  almost 2 years ago by: phormalitize

    A person in amazing shape might not burn as much as the calorie estimates even if they are doing the full workout because it's not as much of a challenge for them. If you are working to your limits, you will be burning a ton of calories even if you are only doing the modified workouts. Pushing yourself hard is the way to burn calories, not any specific exercise! Good luck!

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    nacs0803  about 2 years ago by: nacs0803

    It's not a completely accurate representation of your actual caloric expenditure but it gives an adequate guestimation of what the typical person's calorie burn might be at that particular weight.

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