Can anyone recommend a good protein shake?

  • I'm looking for something low-calorie, low-fat, and preferably all-natural. Thanks!

    sarkrauss   by: sarkrauss
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    johnstongirl11  almost 2 years ago by: johnstongirl11

    I really love BSN lean dessert in Whipped Vanilla and Chocolate coconut candy bar. I mix the whipped vanilla with unsweetened almond milk and a banana and it is so good!!!! I also like their cinnamon roll flavor added to my oatmeal. I also Like the EAS carb control premade shakes form Walmart.

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    cmg14302  almost 2 years ago by: cmg14302

    I like Whey Factor

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    Maseratij  almost 2 years ago by: Maseratij

    This can be more complicated than buying by preference. There was a time that some protein shakes included chemicals and such that were more than the casual user needed. Some are very artificial and the ingredient listings can be less than transparent.

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    antidiva  almost 2 years ago by: antidiva

    I love Vega products, although they're pretty expensive (but worth it for the quality ingredients, in my opinion.) They make tasty protein bars, too, I like the Chocolate Saviseed.

    • antidiva
      antidiva almost 2 years ago

      Wait, I just remembered, PlantFusion also makes a really good protein drink, and it's a lot cheaper than Vega. I used to get their vanilla bean flavor and mix it with a little coconut water as I felt it helped improve the taste.

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    RhondaWalther  almost 2 years ago by: RhondaWalther

    Premium Protein (vanilla/chocolate) which are available at Costco and Sams; Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes which are available through distributors....https://www.a...

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    savanna62117659  over 1 year ago by: savanna62117659

    I LOVE the EAS advantage Carb control shakes. 100-110 calories, 3 g carbs, 17 g protein. You can buy the powder or ready to drink form.

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