Can anyone suggest a good green smoothie book?

  • I want to start making green smoothies for weight loss and meal replacement. I'd like to find a book with good tasting smoothies because I know I won't stick with it if they aren't palatable. Any suggestions?

    tcruz910   by: tcruz910
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  5 months ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Here's a few of our favorite recipes:

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    eleysanne  5 months ago by: eleysanne

    This is the recipe for my "gateway green smoothie" ;)

    2 cups frozen spinach
    1 small banana
    1 med orange
    1 Tbsp ground flax seed
    water or milk as needed to thin it out, or ice if you want it to be colder

    Nowadays, I see it as a daily challenge to come up with a new flavor (I've never used a book). Flavors that go well together IMO are:
    * peaches, almonds, yogurt
    * strawberries, banana
    * banana, cocoa powder, peanuts
    * cherries, cocoa powder
    * apples, ginger, cucumber

    Other tips:
    * Start with little greens and increase the amount over time
    * Include other veggies like sweet red bell peppers, some baby carrots, cucumbers, small pieces of celery (ideally you move towards smoothies that have more veggies than fruit)
    * ground flax seed or chia seeds add Omega-3 fatty acids
    * if you have a high-power blender, unsalted peanuts add fantastic flavor. If your blender isn't as powerful, you can use peanut butter or peanut flour (this one also has less fat I think)

    • tcruz910
      tcruz910 5 months ago

      Thanks for the link and for the information. It will really help. I just bought a new blender and I'm dying to get started.

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