Can anyone suggest how I can set a big weight loss goal and achieve it the healthy way without setting myself up for failure?

  • I have been battling my weight struggle for over 10 years since adolescence. I practically know every trick in the book when it comes to nutrition and fitness. I have ton a ton of research, but when push comes to shove- my actions don't speak louder than words. I have this toxic all-or-nothing attitude and tendency where I either push myself to spend a radical amount of time working out and stay tremendously disciplined on my diet for a few weeks- or I'm ordering an obscene amount of takeout and totally sedentary. I also have that habit of weighing myself every day- obsessing over my "progress." I want to make a change- physically and mentally. I need to lose 20-30 lbs in order to be healthy and content with myself. I just don't want to go crazy and then burn out, as usual. Help?

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    atenley  7 months ago by: atenley

    I agree with the other comment--stress will halt your progress too! I say make one change at a time and stick with it before moving on. Say, "I will drink 60oz of water everyday." Then do it--make it measurable, not "I will drink more water." After you have mastered one behavior, go on to another one. I am proud of you for recognizing your behaviors to begin with, because that is a major barrier for a lot of people. I also like to make small, achievable goals like "I will lose 2 pounds by [insert date]" And make it about 10-20 days away, so you are not pressured with an impossible goal. Start small, make new behaviors, then it will come. Good luck to you!!

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    pizzapean  9 months ago by: pizzapean

    I've had the same issue and dropped 45 lbs in the past 2 months!!!
    I think what is helping me out is setting small goals to achieve the overall goal.
    Slowly creeping up to your goal weight is much better than losing 12 lbs in 2 weeks and burning out. I set 2-3 lb goals every week or so and usually end up losing more. I also made a calendar that sets goals and progress over time. It helps you keep motivated seeing how far you have come. Overall you shouldnt be stressing out about your weight loss!!!!

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    sperrott  7 months ago by: sperrott

    Set smaller goals that support your bigger goal. Its disheartening to have a goal that won't be reached for a while. We need the successes to remain motivated. So set your first goal for 5 lbs then 10 or whatever works for you. I find that this keeps me very motivated. :)

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