Can eat compliment the shake with something else about an hour later?

  • I've been doing the ignite diet for about a week now and I'm hungry an hour later after consuming a shake! I also sometimes get heartburn. Is it okay to eat something like a hard boiled egg or meat?

    healthguru91   by: healthguru91
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    sld21  about 1 year ago by: sld21

    The reason you are getting hungry shortly after is because a shake, though it may be high protein, is in a liquid form. It digests more quickly than a solid food, leaving you hungry shortly after. I would say boiled egg or meat would be a great choice to eat along with your shake or afterwards. Listen to your body, everyone is different so advice can vary from person to person but your body will always let you know what you need ;)

    Steph D- Personal Trainer

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    lisahi  6 months ago by: lisahi

    You may also try chia seeds in your shakes. Some recipes here already call for them. Chia seeds help you feel full longer, although I don't think there's anything wrong with eating a healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch. As for your heartburn, I would see your doctor to find out if you have acid reflux disease. He may recommend an over-the-counter acid reducer like Prilosec OTC (cheaper at Sam's and Costco).

    • healthguru91
      healthguru91 6 months ago

      Thank you! I love chia seeds and they definitely make me feel full longer. Although, at this point, smoothies are only something I do about four times a week. My body may be adapting too well to them because I feel lethargic afterwards. I just ate a big breakfast of eggs, veggies, and homemade, gluten free pancakes with fruit and I had so much energy afterwards that I just did Inferno Power! :)
      As for the acid, the prescription medication did not work so I think it has to do with my body and my food allergies. Thank you for you help!

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    SAB42  about 1 year ago by: SAB42

    I drink a 16 oz. cup of water when I get up in the morning. I add either coconut milk or rice milk to my shake as well as a serving of fruit. I also put a tablespoon of Chia Seeds in my shake every morning. It's weird at first but I'm used to having the seeds in my shake now. I have my shake around 7:30 and my stomach starts to growl a little at around 11. My lunch is at 11:30. I also sip on another 16 oz. glass of water between breakfast and lunch. I noticed that if I don't drink enough water to keep me full, I end up being hungry before my meal. That can lead you in alot of trouble! Also, some of the Ignite shakes have more protein in them. Like the Almond Butter one.

    • healthguru91
      healthguru91 6 months ago

      I LOVE water. I probably drink ten "trenta" sized cups of water a day. I'm pretty sure it's the quality of food and nutrients that are leaving me hungry/full. I'll have to switch it up and see if smoothies every other day work better. :)

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