Can I do the workout without the equipment? I.e can I modify the exercise until I buy the equipment?

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    Seakrits  7 months ago by: Seakrits

    I can't say this is true of all the programs, but I have a Challenge program coming up that has the suggested equipment of a chin up bar. I don't have one of those, nor anything that would suffice for a replacement. However, in looking at the overview, the exercises challenges say 'pull ups or rows'. That leads me to believe they have a modified exercise for those of us without the fancy equipment. Again, whether that applies to ALL workouts, I don't know, but it seems to me that it would be faulty logic for the people to put together workouts that require you have certain items, since not everyone has the funds for them.

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    juicymoosey  7 months ago by: juicymoosey

    I don't think I've come across a workout where there wasn't a modification for lack of equipment. Before I got a set of weights I used the candles on my mantelpiece, but you could use water bottles or whatever you find until you work out what equipment (if any) you want to purchase
    Hope that helps ;)

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