Can I eat gluten-free oatmeal, cookies, pasta etc. or are these items off limits since they are not on the approved grocery list?

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    TamaraDailyBurn  2 months ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    During the 21 Day Ignite phase, you can only eat the approved foods on the grocery list. After the 21 day Ignite phase in the Balance phase, you can eat those foods; however, each time you eat a serving of food that has any of the “evil 6” then you are spending against your weekly balance.

    • ssjng4
      ssjng4 2 months ago

      Ok. I found pasta without the evil 6 and pretzels. I will have to double check the labeling. If the items don't contain the evil 6 is it still off limits. I am confused because some of the receipts u offer have ingredients not on the approved list

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    papercut2k  2 months ago by: papercut2k

    You can eat those things provided that the item doesn't have any of the other five problem ingredients. Pasta is pretty easy as for cookies and other snacks that might be a tall order. I seem to always find soy lecithin in everything. The food could be clear of every thing else except soy. Sugar contain is also difficult if you're looking for a sweet with less than 5 grams unless it has stevia or xylitol.

    • blustorm17
      blustorm17 about 1 month ago

      Some days its easier to alter your own favorite recipes. I had to come up with some banana bread recently that didnt have added sugar, gluten, eggs or dairy. It's tricky at times but other things are becoming easier to find, like pasta made from brown rice without any of the evil 6 in it.

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