Can I get a workout back?

  • I had a workout selected for me today ( full body something, don't remember whole name), but I clicked on one of the other videos to read reviews on it and now I can't find the original suggested video. Is there a way to backstep and pick the original video again?

    mootruck98   by: mootruck98
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    buckry  over 2 years ago by: buckry

    I believe the video that was chosen for today will have no little colored tag in the upper left corner. The other 4 should say "Easier" "Harder" or "Recovery" up there.

    • mootruck98
      mootruck98 over 2 years ago

      That was it. The image that was used was different so I didn't recognize it. Also didn't help that I had the name all wrong in my head. Anyways clicked on the video without a tag and the image it showed on the main page was the one I remembered.

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