Can I have the shakes for dinner instead of breakfast?

  • I am a student and work part-time. With my schedule through the week it is often easier for me to make a good protein packed breakfast and then go super light on dinner. Is it possible to do the ignite program having the protein shakes for dinner?

    amandabc9   by: amandabc9
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    perezr06  9 months ago by: perezr06

    At the end of the Ignite QuickGuide (page 12), there's a Q & A section (look under the question: "What counts as >10g sugar?"). They say to have your fruit either at the beginning of the day or around your workout so your insulin uses the sugar as fuel and nutrients instead of storing fat. So if your workouts are in the evening, you should be fine. You can also try having the shakes for lunch, that way you're still up and moving around instead of at home resting. Hopefully this helps!

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